LaPlante Portable Gasoline Air Compressor

LaPlante Portable Gasoline Compressors are engineered with passion. Every component is specified to provide 4000 plus hours of constant commercial duty performance (80 seconds on, 20 seconds off). LaPlante Portable Compressors are designed for remote worksites and backyard mechanics, for impact wrenches and nail guns to bicycle tires and basket balls. We have several different machine specifications available to fit your need and frequency of use.

  • Yamaha┬« Engines
  • Big Bore, Single-Stage Pumps
  • Rugged, dependable, reliable performance.

Manual Spec Sheet
W8GY5-755 W8GY5-755

Model # Starter HP CFM @ 125PSI Tank Volume (Gal) Tank Type Pump RPM (Lower=Better) Engine Make Operating PSI Weight (Lbs)
C20GY5-V8060 Pull Start 5.5 11 20 Portable 920 Yamaha 115-145 350
W8GY5-V8060 Pull Start 5.5 11 8 Low Twin 920 Yamaha 115-145 315